Excel Wizard

I am happy to provide positive testimony regarding David Neate and his MS Excel spreadsheets. Our company has been utilizing David’s work since inception in 2013 with great success. The sheets (bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations and expense claims) have made my accounting procedures so much easier and faster. I cannot imagine doing my monthly procedures without these sheets. Not having a strong accounting background, I am able to use the sheets to accurately balance each month. Furthermore, David has been stellar over the past four years in providing support and promptly answering questions as they arise. David is an Excel wizard and I highly recommend him and his services to anyone wanting sleek processes in place to make their business life flow smoothly.

Shelley Gormley

Advanced Excel Solutions was able to pick up where our software left off

Advanced Excel solutions was able to create an automated spreadsheet for our retail and e-commerce business that saved us painstaking hours of work and training.  Because of our complex set-up, our point of sale software was unable to produce a report to show us which sizes we had sold out of in our product.  Instead I had to run multiple reports and perform complex formulas on a regular basis to keep our labels up to date.

David was able to provide a solution for us that simply meant running a report, changing a file name, and pressing a couple of buttons.  The result was a 3 minute solution that would otherwise take me close to half an hour’s work using Excel skills that my staff didn’t possess.  I could now hand over to the task to just about any member of staff.  In addition to the time savings, as we were able to use the new automated spreadsheet on a daily basis the work resulted in more sales as we would no longer disappoint customers by showing them sizes that we didn’t have in stock.

David was great to work with and was quickly able to grasp the problem. and come up with this solution that revolutionized our operations.

Brydie Griffin

A solution that exceeded expectations in ALL regards

Over the past month I have had the extreme pleasure of working with David Neate in creating a sophisticated Microsoft Excel solution to make our day to day operations more efficient for our investment team.  I presented David with a complicated task of manipulating extremely raw financial data into a finished professional looking financial statement that we present to our clients.

With David’s mastery in Excel and his excellent analytical skills he created a solution that has exceeded expectations in ALL regards.  Without applying David’s automation we averaged about 32 minutes to create a single statement compared to a mere 7 minutes when applying his automation solution.  On average we create 5 statements a day so over a given week or month his sophisticated solution has saved considerable time while also improving our capacity at the same token.  David is very organized and detail oriented, always thinking a step ahead.  He has tremendous listening and communication skills which aids him in developing an overall solution.

On countless occasions he displayed tremendous problem solving skills to quickly find a solution to numerous unexpected problems that arose due to the complex nature of the task.  In the latter stages of working together he never hesitated in answering countless queries or in helping fine tune our solution as imperfections arose.  He thrives when presented a challenge and consistently displays the strong character trait of going that extra mile.  It is with my pleasure on behalf of the Greenard Group I give David Neate my highest regards.

Kevin Greenard
Greenard Group, Scotia McLeod

A big help

David created a spreadsheet which allowed our retail business to print out custom formatted product labels for shoes. The complex spreadsheet was able to create these tags so they printed only the sizes we had available in all of our locations, instead of the default single location that our POS software would allow. The process was so much faster than our previous system of hand-writing labels as new product arrived. It was also more accurate! The spreadsheet became useful for things we hadn’t even thought about, such as putting large groups of product on sale.
The labels were custom formatted to fit to the tags we already used, and the design is clean and simple. The spreadsheet was easy to use, and we were able to train members of staff to use it who had very little Excel experience.

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