Training or Tutoring

Learn the skills you need from a certified Microsoft Excel Expert!

Whether you’re a novice just learning how to create spreadsheets for the first time or you have Excel skills that need to be advanced, the training I provide will give you the knowledge and skills to use Excel independently.

Contact me for additional, more specific information on the ways I will be able to assist you in improving your Excel skills.

With one-on-one training you can learn to:

  • Work with worksheets and workbooks to analyze data
  • Link files to allow for automatic updating of worksheets contained within these files
  • Use a variety of features to create, modify, and format common business reports such as budgets, reports, and charts
  • Format worksheets and workbooks to allow for ease of use
  • Address any other specific problems you are encountering with Excel
  • Create complex formulas using Excel built in functions
  • Master Pivot Tables, data analysis and more