Bookkeeping Tools

Predesigned files are available for a variety of bookkeeping functions. As a professional accountant, I have developed these to speed up the record keeping processes for businesses, non-profits and charitable organizations. Each file has been designed to be simple to use and they all have the purpose of saving bookkeeping time and accounting costs.

All files have been designed to work with numerous accounting programs. Each one is available at a nominal cost and most can be set up and used immediately. Additional details will be happily provided upon contacting me to let me know what you are interested in.

Examples of available spreadsheets

• Forms to handle expense and petty cash claims,
• Bank and credit card reconciliations,
• Amortization and prepaid expense tracking and recording,
• Annual budgeting and cash flow projections,
• GST & HST calculations,
• Donation logs (includes the issuing of donation tax receipts), and
• Registered charity information returns.