Data Mining

Business and government computers are now capable of storing enormous amounts of data which can be extracted into Excel format. Typically, these data extractions contain thousands of rows and hundreds of columns with the majority of this being useless and unnecessary information. In this mountain of date there will be nuggets of gold that must be extracted. It is usually the user’s responsibility to find and extract this information from these files.

Frequently, this is done manually through the use of time consuming and repetitive processes. If you are spending an excessive amount of time doing this repetitively, data mining will be a very cost effective method to accomplish this.

Essentially, this involves the standardization of the data extractions into a useable Excel format. This then will be converted into a functioning format using Excel automation features. Doing this involves the development of Excel templates which are then used to quickly transfer the required information into a predesigned, user friendly format. This reduces the tasks which took hours to complete into ones that are finished in minutes.